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Bundaberg Real Estate Photographer

Bundaberg Real Estate Photographer, Aerial Photography and Video services for property sales, marketing, and commercial photography. 

How do you get your Bundaberg property listing noticed online? This is the most important consideration when you decide to sell your property. As a Bundaberg photographer, we are here to help solve this problem by providing the best possible real estate photography services that will help get your property noticed when you list in for sale. Our range of services is designed to give the Bundaberg home seller maximum impact with their house sale listing. Our clients can choose a singular photography service or video service if they wish or a combination of services to make their property listing really stand out from the crowd which we suggest. The ultimate aim of having an engaging property listing is to keep a potential buyer on the listing long enough to convince them to make an inquiry. From our many years of experience, we have seen house sale listings that offer a range of visual information always generates more interest and inquiries. We can produce an effective real estate photography package for your Bundaberg or Bargara property listing that will be eye-catching and informative to potential buyers.

CONTACT JON FOR YOUR BUNDABERG PHOTOGRAPHY NEEDS - TEL 0419 716 107 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Commercial Real Estate Photography in Bundaberg

We also offer top quality commercial real estate photography in Bundaberg including specialist interior design photography. Commercial real estate agents, property owners of hotels, caravan parks, and resorts, as well as building contractors, use our commercial photography and video services in the Bundaberg region. Accommodation businesses and Airbnb properties appreciate our top quality services to produce photography and video for marketing and promotion of their properties. Construction companies both private and civil engineering uses our services for progress photography of projects such as shopping centre construction, hospitals, and aged care facilities.  

Clients can also use our services if they require an aerial photographer in Bundaberg. We use our small plane and drones for various aerial photography projects in Bundaberg and surrounding areas.

Aerial Photography and Roof Inspections

Call us for your aerial photography requirements. We conduct aerial roof inspections in Bundaberg and districts. We use the latest aerial drones for quick and safe assessment of roofs and structures for insurance claims, damage assessment and maintenance survey as well as views of rooftop installations such as solar panel arrays, communication equipment and paint coverage and integrity. Aerial roof inspections produce a set of high-resolution images and or high definition video.

Virtual Tours - Matterport Photographer

Bundaberg property owners and business owners can hire our services to produce engaging 360-degree Virtual Tours for marketing and promotions using the Matterport system and other applications. Read about Virtual Tours HERE

Where We Work

We can photograph properties throughout the Bundaberg district and also in the following locations of Childers, Woodgate Beach, Bargara, Moore Park Beach and Gin Gin, Mt Perry areas. We also travel for Agnes Water real estate photography and 1770 for house photography and commercial property photography. Best House photos is involved with Queensland real estate photography servicing many regions throughout the state with commercial real estate photography and residential property imaging. We provide the most extensive range of real estate imaging and video services.

Contact Bundaberg Real Estate Photographer - Tel 0419 716 107

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When We Work

We understand that some clients need our services on weekends and we offer our Bundaberg photographer services 7 days a week.

How To Make an Engaging Bundaberg Property Listing

Making the best first impression with your property sale listing online is key to catching the interest of a property buyer. We suggest using a combination of visual "hooks" incorporating real estate photography, video, and floor plans. The reason for having variety in your property listing is simply to attract the largest number of potential buyers. Everyone looking to buy a house will be looking at photos so it stands to reason these should be the best you can get but some buyers will also be encouraged to investigate a listing further if they can be engaged with a video presentation and or a floor plan graphic. The statistics show this time and time again. 

Bundaberg Real Estate Photography Services

Did you know an online real estate listing has about 20 seconds to capture the attention of a potential buyer? You can tell from this statistic that your listing had better be good. As a house seller, you achieve this by making your listing visually interesting rather than boring. Remember the potential buyer and house hunter hasn't seen your property so you need to show your house off and show your property at its best. We can help you create the best and most engaging property listing with the services listed below.

  • Quality Interior and Exterior Photography - We will spend the time needed and use our extensive skills to ensure we capture your property at its best.
  • Real Estate Floor Plans and Site Plans - Floor and site plan to enhance your listing by providing additional information on the layout of the property and rooms.
  • Twilight Photography - Adds a sense of prestige to a property and help entice a potential buyer.
  • Aerial Photography - We can use our plane or drones to effectively capture aerial photography of residential properties, commercial properties and farm photography of rural holdings. 
  • Real estate video - Video is growing in popularity and in order to ensure you capture interest from as many potential buyers as possible you should consider one of our video products.
  • Virtual Tours - 360 virtual tours are an effective way to showcase a property for sale or promote a business or venue.
  • Virtual Staging - We can furnish uninteresting empty rooms in photos with quality virtual staging that will grab attention.

For Sale By Owner - Private House Sales Photography Bundaberg 

We can help property sellers who are selling their homes via private sale. We offer free advice on how to prepare your home for sale and all our regular photography and video services are at your disposal to help you create the best possible property listing no matter which company you choose to conduct your private house sale in Bundaberg. 



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