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Hervey Bay Aerial Photographers

Professional Aerial Photographer Services In Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast

As experienced professional aerial photographers Hervey Bay with 25+ years experience, we provide aerial drone photography in Hervey Bay and Maryborough as well as aerial photography from aircraft for specialized photography projects. Please keep in mind that owning a drone doesn't qualify the user as a professional aerial photographer. We are professional and qualified Hervey Bay aerial photographers and have been conducting aerial photography throughout Queensland, Australia and the world for a variety of clients.

Our aim is to capture aerial photography for clients with the best lighting conditions and angles for the most effective and informative images.

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Aerial Photography Uses

John Wilson Media offers several aerial photography services including aerial roof inspections Hervey Bay for insurance and damage assessment, Commercial real estate agents can hire our Hervey Bay aerial photography services for marketing projects to sell shopping centres and large commercial properties. We can provide a combination of services to include drone photography and photography from a light plane to maximize the visual impact of property listings. Aerial drone photography is a great way to capture low altitude views of property as well as birds eye overhead views to depict property layout. Higher altitude aerial photography is possible with drones but we generally use aircraft to obtain the best oblique views for property marketing campaigns. We can discuss your needs and advise on the best aerial photography option for your project.

Aerial photography plan view Hervey Bay

Real estate Aerial Photo Hervey Bay


Construction and building companies can use our services for progress and updates reports for projects. We can provide aerial photography coverage to cover an entire project length from site preparation through to completion and provide coverage at key points throughout construction. Our aerial photography services are also used by supporting building business such as electricians, architects, and roof designers and any service that uses roof and elevated installations. Solar panel installations and window skylight applications can be photographed with our aerial drone photography. 

Maryborough aerial photographer 02

Hervey Bay aerial photographer 01

Business owners in the hotel and food industry can also make use of our services to produce aerial photos that show the business location in relation to points of interest in the surrounding area such as beaches and main access roads etc.

Aerial Photography in Print

Some of our clients have their aerial photography made into large wall prints. These can make a great statement piece for a company boardroom or foyer and rural property owners display aerial photos we do of their properties in the lounge and living rooms. Large wall prints of aerial photography make great wall art and home decor gifts. We can supply ready to hang aerial photos in a variety of sizes of we can supply large wall prints for you to have framed.

Service Areas for Aerial Photography

We service the greater Wide Bay region with aerial photography which includes Childers, Tiaro, Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island aerial photography and, Biggenden. Aerial drone photography and conventional aerial photography from our light plane can be utilized in all these areas.

Hervey Bay Rural property aerial photography 02

Aerial Photography Cost

We give customized quotes for projects. Our aerial photography costs for using our light plane include the flight time to do the photography work and our aerial drone photography prices will depend on the location and specific images required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements - TEL: 0419 716 107 EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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