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Real Estate Floor Plans for property sales Sunshine Coast

Do I need a property floor plan for my listing?

Once again statistics show that listings that offer a floor plan gain more views and keep potential buyers on a property listing compared to a listing without a floor plan

We believe the great benefit of a floor plan is that it compliments the property photography by showing how rooms are connected and laid out. Interior photography can give a very informative view, design and aspect of a particular space and a hint of rooms connected but a property floor plan will give a clear indication of how every room is connected.

We produce basic 2D black and white floor plans and 3D look colour floor plans with furniture to produce a more interesting and engaging floor plan. Speak to John about adding a Floor Plan to your property photography package.

Real Estate Floor Plan Pricing

We can produce a floor plan from either a builders plan or we can laser measure rooms while at the property for photography. A basic style black and white property floor plan can be produced from $150 + gst or we can produce a 3D look colour floor plan  (see the colour floor plan example on this page) with furniture added to really grab attention and display your house layout. Speak to John about your specific property.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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