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Real Estate Photography - How and where we work

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The statistics show that close to 100% of Sunshine Coast houses sold are sold through online listings. But did you know that the statistics also show that potential buyers spend 60% of their time looking at real estate photography and only 20% of their time on the property description and the remainder on the agent details?

Its irrefutable evidence that your real estate photography will be the cornerstone of your online property listing and we offer superior quality photography to ensure your listing will look its best and in so doing attract and engage buyers.

Your Sunshine Coast real estate photography will be in the best hands with our services, extensive experience and commitment to producing quality work.

 Our aim is not only to capture the best photography of your property but also capture the hearts of potential buyers!


Please scroll through examples of our work below

How We Work

We take photographing your property seriously and will consult with owners as to the best time of day to photograph their properties. We always aim for the best weather conditions but sometimes a shoot simply has to be done on a particular day, rain hail or shine. We can generally get interiors shot no matter what the weather holds but with exterior photography we won't be photographing in pouring rain etc. A dark cloudy day won't be a problem if a property must be photographed on a certain day and we have editing service available to replace dreary skies with bright skies.

How much will it cost to photograph a house?

YOUR REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY IS VERY IMPORTANT and it speaks to potential buyers long before and after an agent is involved. Quality real estate photography is worth every cent to get your house noticed!! We will discuss your needs and make suggestions as to which of our services will best suit your needs and house location.

Depending on the services we provide for you and your location, our property photography can be as little as $220. In all cases, we will always spend the time needed to create quality images for our clients an not rush through work. This is our commitment to our clients. We believe our pricing is reasonable cost to produce the "must have" images that ultimately sell your property online!! Please contact John to discuss pricing to suit your needs.

Pricing is subject to change without notice: Email us for current pricing - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How many photos should be taken of a property?

You can use the information below as a general guide on how many photos you should aim for but we always discuss the property with the owner beforehand.

We do offer no limit to photos taken with high-end luxury properties, resorts, and accommodation where we may spend many hours or several days producing images. Contact John to discuss photographing prestige properties.

Please use the guide below to decide the number of photos you should have. This is just a guide and some properties may require more or less photos depending on the build. Our aim is to provide the house seller with adequate images to properly display the property in the best possible way to potential buyers. 

2 Bed Units/ houses                                           –  8-10 photos

Larger Units/penthouses/ 3 bedroom homes  – 12 – 16 photos

4 – 5 Bedroom houses/Luxury homes              –  20 – 35 photos

How and when are real estate photos delivered?

Once we have been to a property for photography and/or video we will proceed with the editing process and once complete clients can expect an email from us containing a link which is used to download the image files and video to a computer. In some instances, we also post a USB drive containing the relevant image and video files. The image files we send to clients are optimized by size to be easily uploaded onto website listings.

Depending on our workload we aim to have photos ready for clients within a couple of days of the shoot. We can provide next day delivery at extra cost. 

Payment Terms

We work hard to ensure clients have their property photography as quick as possible. Non-business clients can pay us directly to our business bank account prior to the day of work or pay cash on the day of work. In some cases, a deposit will be required prior to work but no payments can be accepted after the day of work. For Real Estate Agents we expect payment when our invoice is delivered.

Where we work

We offer our real estate photography services throughout the Sunshine Coast and hinterland region. We also photograph properties in the greater SE QLD area including Brisbane and North Lakes region. Chief photographer John Wilson is also commissioned for property shoots in Asia and South Pacific.

Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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